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A Nuke Shell's Ticking

In your toilets

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The Truth is otherwise...
28 days after, 7th sea, a clockwork orange, anime manga ruroni kenshin, arhturian mythology, arkéos, batman returns, battle royale i, beaumarchais guy de maupassant, bernard warber, berzerk, bloodlust, books joseph conrad, call of c'thulhu, charles baudelaire, delta green, edgar poe, feng shui, get backers, ghost dog, hp lovecraft, ins/mv (maîtrisés)., j.r.r tolkien., jackie chan's oldies, james bond, je conchie d&d, jules vernes, jumping tiger crouching dragon, kill bill i&ii, lone wolf and cub, lord of the rings, love story, movies apocalypse now, naruto, neon genseis evangelion, paranoïa xp, passez donc votre chemin., princess of the desert, pulp fiction, qin, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, rpgs conpiracy x, save private ryan, scarface, seven samuraïs, shadowrun, the jason vorhees series, the killer, the matrix, trainspotting, vermine, warhammer frpg, when harry meets sally, william blake, willow, wushu, zombies